The Virtual Audience

What is success but the acquisition of limited resources?  Throughout history, the most successful men and women have been considered those who had the most gold, the most land, the most brides.  It can be hard to believe, but wars were once fought over things as commonplace as nutmeg, water, even oil.

But now, any resource you can name can be manufactured instantly.  At the push of a button, you can have more gold than your ancestors would have ever seen in a lifetime.  Any individual willing to join the colonization effort is entitled to more land than all but the wealthiest of landlords would have once owned.  More information is available online than was created in the first five thousand years of human civilization, accessible to anyone with a cerebral implant.

What then, is success, if all these things belong to all?

There is still one resource that is limited, that cannot be atomically synthesized, that cannot be simply created whenever we have need of it, and that is adulation, the respect, the admiration, the praise of our fellow men and women.  As many people as there are, their time is nonetheless limited.  Even if you devoted your life to it, you couldn’t read every book, listen to every song, see every painting, play every game that the rest of humanity creates: there’s simply too much.

And that means that we make choices.  And these choices mean that only a select few will ever be successful, while the vast majority will be almost entirely unknown.

Until now.

We here at Amalthea Solutions are proud to introduce the Virtual Audience.  Now, everything you write, everything you cook, everything you create can be appreciated by millions of virtual experients who will gladly praise, critique, and review your work.  With an adjustable appreciation distribution, the Virtual Audience can be custom-tailored to any desired level of positivity or negativity.

Have you ever wanted to be martyred for your work, but never attracted the requisite attention?  Now you can, at the push of a button!  In an instant, millions of virtual Babbitts can view your artwork and be outraged, calling for your censorship and even imprisonment.

Have you ever yearned to be the author of the elite?  Now you can, thanks to the unprecedented level of control the Virtual Audience gives you.  You can be praised as the most brilliant author of our age by the intellectuals and the elite while being dismissed and misunderstood by our digital rabble.

Or how about being the next big thing in gaming?  You can now have any game you program played billions of times per second by an adoring fandom who will eagerly and viciously support you against any critics you decide to create.

No longer must success only be the slow and painful result of hours of practice and hard work.  Finally, the last resource is available to all.  Now, everyone can succeed.

Thanks for reading!  If you enjoyed it, you can find more of my stories here!

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