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Sexual Preferences Correlates Survey

A pet interest of mine for a while has been that of correlation between a person’s background and personality, such as their religion, political views, state of origin, income, &c., and what they find most attractive, such as large breasts … Continue reading

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Job Applications

I finally got a new job!  I’m so relieved…  I’ve wanted to quit for the longest time and now I can.  My former company is really getting worse all the time.  Anyways, now that I have a new job, I … Continue reading

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Banished – First Impressions

I just picked up Banished from Steam as a reward to myself for not only finishing my last semester, but not quitting my job each and every day, and so far, it looks incredible.  I’ve only just begun, so this is … Continue reading

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Listening to Contrarians

Lately, I’ve gotten into the habit of listening to a conservative talk radio show on my drives home from work, and I think that I’ve found it beneficial.  I am rather leftist, so we don’t really agree on much, but … Continue reading

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I think that we would benefit from having a distinct legal category between man and animals.  A chimpanzee has no more legal rights than a cow, despite the great distance between them with regard to sentience. Just as the Romans … Continue reading

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