Sexual Preferences Correlates Survey

A pet interest of mine for a while has been that of correlation between a person’s background and personality, such as their religion, political views, state of origin, income, &c., and what they find most attractive, such as large breasts versus small breasts, or Asian women versus blondes.  In 1968, researchers conducted a study entitled Correlates of Heterosexual Somatic Preference.  In this study, they first asked men, undergraduate students, as it so happens, to rate which figures they found most attractive, who varied with regards to the size of their breasts, buttocks, legs, and overall figure.  Later, they had them complete personality surveys, and then they correlated the two.  They found certain trends between certain physical preferences in woman and personality traits.

For example, men who preferred small breasts tended to drink less and less often, be fundamentally religious and mildly depressed, and be nurturing in their relationships with others.  I’ve often thought it would be entertaining, interesting, and possibly even informative or useful to conduct such a survey and analyze the results for any interesting significant correlations.  Simply out of personal bias, I’ve focused on the interests of heterosexual males, but I admit that I’d be interested in any such results.

To that end, I’ve developed a survey of two parts.  The first part focuses more on the respondent’s background, demographic traits, interests, &c.  The second part consists of a series of photos (sometimes showing nude breasts and buttocks, so don’t take this survey at work unless your boss is more understanding than mine was), and the respondent is asked to select that which they find most attractive.  The goal is to discern trends in the data, that certain types of men tend towards certain preferences in attraction, and the hope is that these trends are statistically significant and interesting.

If any of the above sounds at all interesting, the link is here:  Please feel free to spread it and share it with your friends and acquaintances, or use it as an icebreaker to connect with a stranger, as I hear surveys about sexual attraction are an excellent way to make new friends.

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