While doing research for my current story, I came across an interesting website that I’d like to share: Godchecker.  It’s a neat little encyclopedia of various gods from diverse pantheons, and you can search not only by name, but also by role, which makes it extremely useful for finding who the correct god or goddess to reference is.  A lot of times, I don’t know the name of the god I want, I just know that I want the god of X from the Y pantheon.

Additionally, they seem pretty thorough.  Some of the gods and goddesses I found through their site, I had an extremely difficult time trying to locate through other means.  I admit, I wish that they were a bit more detailed in some of their entries, but it’s an excellent starting point, and if you find a deity who tickles your fancy, you can conduct more thorough research elsewhere.

From now on, when I need to look for a specific deity, I’m just going to start at Godchecker and save myself some time.

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