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XCOM: Alien Campaign

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is one of my favorite games.  You play as the commander of XCOM, surprisingly enough, an organization dedicated to fighting the aliens who are attempting to conquer earth.  It’s an extremely fun and engaging turn-based strategy game. … Continue reading

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Eating on Other Planets

This could also be called Eating After the End of the World.  The general idea is basically the same: how do you feed a large group of people with limited arable land and no feasible possibility of imports?  I mentioned … Continue reading

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Men’s Mismeasurements: A Formula for Penis Size Estimation

It’s axiomatic that men lie about the size of their penis.  There are numerous alleged rules that exist to help one discover a man’s true penis size, ranging from using his shoe size, to the distance between the tips of … Continue reading

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Operation Burning Skull

This story is based on the video game XCOM: Enemy Unknown, a turn-based strategy game that revolves around protecting the earth from an extraterrestrial threat.  I hope you like it. Operation Burning Skull Silver cirrus clouds, thin brushstrokes against the … Continue reading

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Character Flaw List

It’s an axiom of modern writing that characters need flaws.  Without them, they’re considered to be boring Mary Sues, and for good reason.  Flaws add complexity to a character, make him or her more human, more relatable.  We all have … Continue reading

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Writing Tips

So I came across a set of writing tips I had written up back in my senior year of college for a friend, on whom, if I’m being perfectly honest, I had a rather sizable crush at the time.  Re-reading … Continue reading

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Writing Exercises

I came across a wonderful little website full of writing exercises for any authors who might want a little practice: I think I might try some of the prompts myself and post the results here.  I could certainly use a … Continue reading

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