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November Breaks

Just to let everyone know, I’ll be on vacation for the first and last weeks of November, so things might get quiet around here.  I’ll try to get some stuff queued, but if you’re worried about me, don’t be: I’ll … Continue reading

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The hardest thing to do as a writer is also one of the most fundamental things that we must: share.  At some point, a writer must take his or her child and send it out into a world of harsh … Continue reading

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Space Station Solvychegodsk

Space Station Solvychegodsk I gazed out the porthole.  Stars slowly danced in front of my eyes, their light tinted blue.  And between us and them: absolutely nothing, simply the void of space.  Even the sun itself was barely noticeable compared … Continue reading

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Vocabulary Building #1

The other day, I was talking with another author about the use of obscure words in writing.  I certainly don’t think rare words should be used for their own sake, but when they produce the best effect or have the … Continue reading

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Freshly Pressed!

Thanks everyone!  Thanks to you, my post Roger Williams and the “Refused to Learn the Local Language” Meme was listed as Freshly Pressed!  Thanks for reading!

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I liked The Story of the Chinese Farmer so much that I decided to translate it into Esperanto, below.  Enjoy! Iam estis maljuna farmisto.  Unu tagon, lia ĉevalo fuĝis.  Kaj ĉiuj de liaj najboraj iris al domon de la farmisto, kaj … Continue reading

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The Story of the Chinese Farmer

I came across this video today and just loved it. The story comes from Zen or Taoism (I can’t find a clear origin in my search), but regardless, I like the content.  It seems almost stoic to me.  Whether things … Continue reading

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