October Update

Man, work has been wicked busy lately.  I’ve been doing far more reports than I wish in response to a sudden time-sensitive need.  But I think I’m like, 95% done with all that now, so things should be settling down back to normal.

My boss came in from California for a few days, which was nice.  I admit, I like having my immediate boss in another state.  He’s a great guy, but I like freedom and autonomy.  His boss is right next-door, though, but she seems to like me a lot, too.  Honestly, I just love my job.  It’s so much better than where I was previously.  Great coworkers, too, including a new woman who seems pretty awesome.  Designs her own clothes and such.

Yesterday we had a fun team building thing.  It was based on this personality colors, so for example, blue is for introverted thinkers, which I evidently fit into.  There was one activity where a bunch of cards of each color were scattered on the floor, and each had a positive trait associated with its personality type on it, such as “logical thinker” or “quietly productive” or “readily accepts authority.”  People picked up random cards and then gave them to whomever they thought exemplified the trait.  It was a great way to see what your coworkers thought of you.  I got all blue cards but one…

What I really liked was seeing how many of my coworkers not only know what I do, but appreciate it.  I guess I didn’t realize how well-known I was.  I thought I just did reports and no one but my immediate superiors knew, but evidently the whole team recognizes the work I do.  It was really great.  Makes me wish I were back at summer camp so I could do this activity with all the RAs.

The rest of October will continue to be busy though.  Exam next week, exam the week after that, work trip to California the first week of November…  I will not be sad when I come home.  Wish me luck!

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2 Responses to October Update

  1. charles says:

    Hi John!
    That is so incredibly great that you love your job. Enjoy it! Sounds like a fun, and fulfilling, place to work.
    Best wishes with the exams and work trip. Will you get to see any sights in CA or is it just work?


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