Breast Size and Solicitation

A French study, “Women’s bust size and men’s courtship solicitation” by Nicolas Geuguen, found a positive correlation between breast size and how often a woman was approached in a bar.  Not surprisingly, as her apparent breast size increased, more men approached her.

The research took place at a medium sized town in Brittany, in a nightclub and in the center of town near a bar. The researchers selected a 20 year old woman who had been rated by fifteen male students as being of average attractiveness and who naturally had an A cup bra, which was convenient for the researchers, as its easier to fake a bigger size than a smaller one.  In different experiments, her bra was either left alone, or enhanced in order to give her the appearance of a B cup or a C cup.  Except for the bra, she wore the same clothes each time.

In the first experiment, taking place at the nightclub, the woman sat for an hour watching the dance floor, and was instructed not to look men in the eyes.  An observer counted how many times she was approached by men during this time.  For each bra size, she conducted the experiment three times.  In the second experiment, she sat at a table outside the bar from 10pm-11pm, and again, an observer kept track of how often she was approached.

In both experiments, appearing to have larger breasts greatly increased the number of men who approached her.

Number of Men’s Approaches

Bra Size





1 – Nightclub




2 – Outside bar




Whether due to perceiving her as more attractive or as more promiscuous, more than three times as many men approached her when she was wearing a C cup bra than when she was wearing an A cup bra, and the results were found to be statistically significant.

(This basically means that they compare the actual results to what you would expect if men were approaching her at the same rate regardless of bra size, and then use that difference to estimate how likely it is that the results observed happened due to random chance.  After all, if you flip a coin 100 times, you expect 50 heads, but 51 wouldn’t shock you.  If it’s found that the probability of random chance producing the results observed or more extreme results is less than a certain percent, usually 5%, the results are considered to be significant.)

I wish the experiment continued to larger sizes, since I wonder whether it could continue to increase, or whether medium-sized breasts would gather the most male attention, since many studies find that medium-large breasts tend to be most attractive to men.  At which bra size would approaches start to level off and decrease?

Still, the difference is startling.  I definitely would have expected that a woman with larger breasts would get more solicitations, but I had no idea there would be such a stark difference between an A cup and a C cup.

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