Done with Finals!

I’m finally done with this semester!  Thank goodness, because it was pretty rough and pretty awful.  Next semester will be so much easier.  I can’t wait to get my grades for this semester.  I know I got an A in one class, but I’m a bit worried about the other.  I’ll have either a B or a C, unless I completely bombed the final.  Wish me luck!

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9 Responses to Done with Finals!

  1. charles says:

    Congrats on being done, John, and best wishes for the grades.
    Enjoy the break!


  2. kaushik55 says:

    Dear friend, I do not know what degree you are working for… just know that you are interested in statistics and history (what a combination!). Best wishes for good grades!


    • johnkutensky says:

      Thanks! Already got one grade, so that’s good, and I’m pretty sure I did well on last night’s exam, too. Last prelim had a bunch of BS questions, so this time I prepared and wrote down a bunch of solutions to expected BS on my notes sheet, and I accurately predicted everything, so I didn’t have to think too hard.

      PS: I’m going for a MS in Stats!


      • charles says:

        Stats… That’s my profession, too!

        What aspects do you enjoy more, the applied data analysis, the programming, or the more theoretical aspects?

        I got a PhD in stats… Some days I wish I had just stopped at an MS, as I enjoy the more applied parts, but other days I am glad I got the PhD as it can open up more opportunities and responsibility (and higher pay).

        I work in a medical school, mainly doing longitudinal data analysis having to do with human growth and development. Is there a particular scientific area you hope to work in after graduation?


      • johnkutensky says:

        Applied data. I’m not a big fan of the theoretical. I would much rather analyze real world datasets. Right now I’m an analyst at a software company, so I’m pretty happy where I am. Once I get my degree, I doubt I’ll go anywhere soon. Maybe someday I’ll do more modeling, but I’m pretty happy now. I definitely don’t ever intend to do a PhD, though. It’d be too much for me, I think.


      • charles says:

        Sounds like a great plan. Don’t go for a PhD unless you really want to. I ended up with a PhD partially because I never felt like I knew enough to leave and enter the workforce. And grad school was comfortable (despite not getting paid much). There were other students who had been working as statisticians and then went back for a PhD and they were a lot more focused than I was, and I think enjoyed it more because they weren’t constantly nagged by the “should I stay or should I go” question. They knew why they were there.


  3. Ripberger says:

    Congratulations! I just finished my last coursework for web and multimedia design certificates. I’m sure an MS in Statistics will be more favorable than a Master of Library Science degree. Believe me, the libraries ain’t hiring.

    I concur with Charles: Enjoy your time off!


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