Breast Size Attractiveness Versus Sociosexual Orientation

I’ve been working through my backlog of interesting articles from The Archives of Sexual Behavior, and I came across “Female Breast Size Attractiveness for Men as a Function of Sociosexual Orientation (Restricted vs Unrestricted),” by Agnieszka Zelazniewicz and Boguslaw Pawlowski.

128 heterosexual Polish male participants took a survey called the Revised Sociosexual Inventory and then rated a number of breasts on attractiveness, varying both by size and angle, that is, whether the breasts were observed in profile or head-on.  Sociosexuality “is defined as a willingness to engage in sex without commitment.”  Men who scored higher on the Revised Sociosexual Inventory are therefore more willing to engage in sex without commitment than those who scored lower.  The participants ranged in age from 19-29, with a mean age of 23.42 years.

For the breasts, they used photographs of women who had undergone surgical enhancement from a B cup to a D cup, and then used photoshop to increase or decrease the breasts to get A, C, and E cups.  Men then rated pictures of these breasts, taken from front, oblique, and side views on a 9 point scale of attractiveness.

On average, C cups were most attractive, while A cups were least.  Smaller breasts were rated more attractive when seen in oblique or side views, whereas larger breasts were more attractive from the front.  In general, those with higher sociosexuality scores, that is, unrestricted males, rated breasts as more attractive overall, but the differences only became significantly greater as breasts grew larger.  One interesting suggestion that the study’s author had for the difference is that men more interested in commitment may find larger breasts less attractive because females with smaller breasts are sometimes associated with modesty, morality, competence, and intelligence, whereas women with larger breasts are associated with the opposite traits.

It’s an interesting study, and I definitely want to find studies about how breast size affects perception of women’s personality now to do a write up of them, but I can’t say the results are surprising.  I think there’s already the cultural assumption that the more interested a man is in large breasts, and breasts in general, the less likely he is to be in it for the long haul.  What I found most interesting was that, in general, both restricted and unrestricted males had the same attractiveness “curve.”  That is, they tended to find the same size breast most attractive, but unrestricted males found them more so.  The largest “gap” was for E cup breasts viewed from the front, where the average attractiveness rating difference was nearly 1.75 out of 9, quite a significant difference when you realize that the entire range of averages only went from 7 to a little under 3.5, a range only barely double the largest gap.

I doubt this had to be said, but ladies, if a man is only interested in the largest breasts he can find, he may not be marriage material.

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