How Common Is Your Sexual Fantasy?

You might have already seen this article, but researchers at the University of Montreal conducted a study on how common certain sexual fantasies are.  I find it pretty interesting, I admit.  It’s fascinating to see what percentage of the population shares your fantasies, don’t you think?

Some of the most interesting data revealed is the difference between men and women in fantasy likelihood.  For example, 61.2% of men, but only 27.5% of women, fantasize about interracial sex.  I wonder why that is.  Is it because women of color tend to be eroticized and exoticized in a way that men of color aren’t?  I certainly can’t imagine that racism is the cause of such a discrepancy.  And yet it has one of the larger differences, and most of those with larger differences are more sex-specific, such as “having sex with a woman with large breasts” and “giving fellatio.”  (For reference, the fantasy that has the most similar number of men and women imagining it is “being masturbated by my partner,” with 71.4% of women and 71.7% of men saying they fantasize about that.)

I really do wish that I had access to the original data, though.  The end of the write-up indicates that the researchers are trying to identify fantasy clusters, that is, groups of people with similar fantasies.  For example, people interested in submissive fantasies also tend to be interested in domination fantasies.  I’d love to be able to test the various fantasies for independence with each other.  It would be intriguing to see which fantasies correlate with others and which are independent.  I’m certain there’d be a few surprises in there.

I would also be interested in seeing whether the rarer fantasies tend to go together with other rare fantasies or not.  That is, do lots of people tend to have one or two rare kinks, or do a few people have many rare kinks?  I can see it going either way, to be honest.  Although I suppose one’s own fantasies don’t seem that rare to oneself, so perhaps my viewpoint is skewed.  Maybe I’ll try conducting my own survey one of these days so I can find out my own answers.

Any thoughts?

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3 Responses to How Common Is Your Sexual Fantasy?

  1. Very Bangled says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head from the guy’s angle of interacial fantasy. For females I would guess we fantasize about specific people not general categories. I’ll take an order of Idris Elba or Timothy Olyphant any day of the week, but I wouldn’t say either of those are racially driven fantasies. I think this might tie in to women being stimulated by context and storyline, and men often like the specific visual imagery.


  2. Dan says:

    “…the fantasy that has the most similar number of men and women imagining it is “being masturbated by my partner,” with 71.4% of women and 71.7% of men saying they fantasize about that.”

    Well “duh” to that one. That is the ultimate in selfish sexual experience, and I don’t mean
    “selfish” in a derogatory way. To lie back and be pleasured sexually in a way that allows one to focus on only their pleasure needs to be experienced from time to time. There is no shame or perversity in that. It would be more correct to designate it a preference than a fantasy in my opinion. I wonder if they correlated oral sex with masturbation for those statistics? I would think oral sex, though very much masturbatory in nature, would show lower numbers overall. Some people still have a taboo about oral sex. Go figure on that one.


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