Race and Pornographic Preferences

A while back, a map was shared online of which countries searched more for “breasts” in porn, and which searched more for “buttocks,” or derivations of the above.

Boobs vs Butts World Map

The general pattern was that Europe and East Asia preferred breasts, while South America, Central America, Africa, and the Middle East preferred buttocks.

Maps of the United States indicated that buttocks were more popular in the south, while breasts were more popular in New England and the midwest.

Boobs Popularity Map US Butts Popularity Map USI wondered whether the trend might be explained partly by ethnicity, since those areas that preferred buttocks tended to have a larger concentration of groups that stereotypically prefer buttocks, primarily those of Hispanic, African, and Middle-Eastern descent.  I decided to do a short survey and see what sort of results I got.

Unfortunately, white respondents dominated the survey, but I did get some respondents of other ethnicities.

White / Caucasian 206
Asian / Pacific Islander 13
Hispanic 8
Black or African-American 7
Total 234

Nonetheless, I found that there was a significant difference, with p=0.05, when I asked, “When watching porn, which are you more attracted to, breasts or buttocks?”

Race Breasts Buttocks
White / Caucasian 53% 47%
Asian / Pacific Islander 62% 38%
Hispanic 38% 63%
Black or African-American 0% 100%
Overall 53% 49%

As we can see, those of Asian and Pacific Islander descent most strongly preferred breasts, while those of African descent most strongly preferred buttocks.

Race and Physical Preference

While I was asking questions about porn, though, I figured I might as well see whether there were any other trends.  I also asked, “When viewing pornography, which of the below sex acts between a man and a woman do you must most attractive?”  Possible options were anal sex, handjobs, vaginal sex, oral sex, or intermammary sex, also known as titty-fucking or paizuri.  This time, the differences weren’t significant, largely because with such small sample sizes for all non-white ethnicities, expected frequencies were extremely small to begin with.  Still, though, there were definite differences, even if it would take a greatly increased sample size to determine whether or not these differences are “real.”

Race Anal Sex Handjob Oral Sex Intermammary Sex Vaginal Sex
White 16% 3% 26% 3% 52%
Asian 23% 0% 15% 8% 54%
Hispanic 13% 13% 13% 0% 63%
Black 0% 0% 17% 17% 67%
Overall 16% 3% 24% 4% 53%

Race and Preferred Sex Act in Porn

Surprising perhaps no one but myself, vaginal sex was the clear favorite overall, with handjobs and intermammary sex the least popular acts.

I also asked whether respondents identified as heterosexual or bisexual.  This made little difference to whether they preferred breasts or buttocks, but it made a larger difference with regard to their preferred pornographic sex act.

Anal Sex Handjob Oral Sex Intermammary Sex Vaginal Sex
Heterosexual 15% 4% 25% 3% 53%
Bisexual 18% 3% 33% 8%


Sexuality and Preferred Sex Act in Porn

Perhaps not surprisingly, bisexual men were less fond of vaginal sex than heterosexual men, and instead were more likely to prefer other sex acts.

It was an interesting survey to conduct, although I wish I had gotten more diverse respondents.  Still, though, it was a good lesson in getting an adequate sample size, which I’ll certainly keep in mind when the next survey I intend to create.  Any thoughts?

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2 Responses to Race and Pornographic Preferences

  1. JunkChuck says:

    Climate might be a factor? Boobs are cuddly and look great in sweaters. Butts, obviously, in short shorts.

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