Hot Chocolate Bar

I suppose I should preface this by saying that I love hot chocolate.  I don’t drink tea or coffee, and I’m not a fan of straight-up water, so when it comes to warm beverages, hot chocolate is really all I’ve got, and I drink it pretty regularly.  So anyway, I was thinking about an idea for a hot chocolate party, and then I realized it might make for a profitable business idea, as well.

The basic idea is similar to those self-serve frozen yogurt places. If you’ve never been, they have a variety of frozen yogurt flavors, and then a bunch of different toppings, and you fill up your cup and they charge you based on weight.  So my idea is that you’d pick a size of hot chocolate based on how much milk you want, and that’d be the base price.  You’d then pick what kind of milk you want, and what kind of chocolate, e.g. dark, milk, white, &c.  Then you’d have a small container for additives, like cinnamon, nutmeg, cayenne pepper, &c., and each container would have a small scoop that holds the recommended size, so you don’t have people unintentionally ruining their drink.  Then you’d bring your additives to the cashier, they’d mix it with hot milk and chocolate, et voila!  Customized hot chocolate, just for you!

I think it’d be fun, because you’d see all these flavors to try that you’ve never thought of adding to hot chocolate before, like orange or lavender or cayenne, and it’d be fun to come up with special recipes and share them with your friends, or maybe I’m just overly into hot chocolate, but like, check out some of the below recipes.  Don’t they look cool?

Hot Chocolate Recipes

So that’s my idea.  Would you want to try it?

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6 Responses to Hot Chocolate Bar

  1. charles says:

    I would try it once at least. I could see this working at a ski resort. Its cold out. Loads of new first time buyers every day.

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  2. I would totally go to a hot chocolate bar! Even the idea that you’d have cayenne pepper as a possible additive sounds cool to. I’d hope that you even included condensed canned milk as an option. I love that stuff.


  3. Very Bangled says:

    Ummm YES. I want this, all of this, in one mug plzzzzz.

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    • johnkutensky says:

      Don’t they all look good? I can personally confirm that Aztec is pretty delicious. I like Starbucks peppermint hot chocolate, so I think that would be good, too, but I’ve never made it from scratch. I ought to, though. Just last night I added some cherry juice to my hot chocolate and I was a fan of that. I think the white chocolate and lavender is the one I most want to try and haven’t.

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