Metroid Fanart

I just downloaded the Metroid Prime Trilogy, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite Metroid fanart from around the web.  Click on the images to go to the source.

This first image is by Alvin Lee, for whom I unfortunately couldn’t find a website.  She’s a bit poutier than I’d like, but I think she has a pretty serious, grim look to her that I like in my Samus art.  I personally dislike cutesy Samus.  There are times for it, like when she’s relaxing after a mission, but she’s a warrior, not a model.

Samus by Alvin Lee

Another good warrior image.  She looks like she just got out of a fight.

Warrior by SpaceCoyote

I’m not sure why, but I really like this image of biker Samus.  Hopefully the real Samus doesn’t smoke, though…Biker Samus by AgentScarlet

A good piece by Adam Sidwell.  It’s very expressive, and I like the contrast it portrays between Ridley and Samus.Adam Sidwell Art

Here are three by Transfuse.  I like that each one highlights a different element of Samus’s personality.  First we have a vulnerable image.  She’s wounded, battle-damaged, but she’s nevertheless willing to see things through to the end, her gun charged, ready for whatever comes next.

Samus Aran

Then we have Samus in a calm scene, able to sit down and appreciate nature.  As a child, growing up with the Chozo, this was probably a common activity for her.  Even though she’s a warrior and a hunter, she’s still a thoughtful and curious woman.One Girl in All the World

And finally we have badass determination.  Ridley’s bigger than her, but she’s not outmatched.Norfair Depths by Transfuse

The next two portray a tough Samus, as well.  You can see why she’s called The Hunter.Samus Portrait by PoojipooMetroid Samus Aran by Masateru

I find this image to be very peaceful, almost angelic.  Zero Light Suit by Radiant

This image really reminds me of Kill la Kill, although I’m not entirely sure why.  I love the art style, and it’s cool seeing all of Samus’s various suits lined up behind her.  Almost sort of Iron Man-ish?  It’s also a pretty unique look for Samus, a sort of badass, casual, manic badass.

Samus Suits

This one is a bit cartoony, but I like it.  I feel like she could fit right in with Earthworm Jim.  I love the look of darkly manic glee she has.  She’s just so excited to shoot someone!

Manic Samus

I just came across this one today, and I just love it.  Ryairyai drew both regular Samus and Other M Samus wearing Princess Peach-inspired dresses.  I admit, I like Samus in a fancy dress like this.  It’s good to see her looking elegant.

Princess Samus

And I thought I ought to have one Zero Suit image.  It’s hard to find any that aren’t fetishized, and honestly, this is no exception, but I think it’s a very well-done piece, and it avoids the cutesy Samus I dislike so strongly.Samus by Ario

I’ve never seen Samus art with a buzzcut before, but I really like this piece by cannibal-sarracenian.  The look suits her pretty well.  Sort of a Furiosa-vibe going on.  Plus I really like the facial scars.  Just a pretty unique look for Samus that you don’t usually find.

Buzzcut Samus

Hunter’s Shadow, by Archymedius.  I don’t have much to say about this one, except that I like it.  Has a very dramatic feel to it.  Reminds me a little bit of those Star Wars posters where Anakin had Vader’s shadow.  Samus Hunter's Shadow

Bit of a goofy piece, but I think this one of Mama Samus and a rebel Metroid is adorable, by tran4of3.  Rebel Metroid

And lastly, not really fan-art, but I do like it anyway.  Connie Price-Smith is a four-time Olympian, a shot putter and discus thrower, and her height and weight are pretty similar to Samus’s, so she’s probably a good model for what Samus would look like physically.  In fact, she’s even a little bit heftier, at 210 lbs, but she’s the same height.

Connie Price-Smith

Samus Aran at Full Power

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