Favorite 007 Covers


Well, with the new Spectre movie coming up, and a new book about Ian Fleming recently released, I’ve been thinking about James Bond a bit lately.  I really do adore the 007 novels and films.  Maybe they don’t reveal deep truths about the human condition like Plutarch does, but they’re enjoyable and entertaining, and I’ve always thought entertainment was a noble endeavor.  Anyways, with James Bond on the brain, I thought I’d share of my favorite 007 book covers and movie posters.

This is probably my absolute favorite James Bond cover.  It’s from the French edition of Moonraker, illustrated by Sarry Long.  I love the contrast, the crisp and clean feel of the cover, and the night sky revealed by the shadows.  Not to mention that the Moonraker itself looks pretty damn awesome.

French Moonraker Cover by Sarry Long

His other covers are nice, too, but I don’t like them nearly as much as Moonraker.

Diamonds Are Forever - Sarry Long Live and Let Die - Sarry Long

I’m a fan of the new Penguin covers, too.  I dislike how submissive Kissy Suzuki looks on the cover of You Only Live Twice, though, but in general, I think they look good.  They’re very modern.  I think they’d make great art prints for around the home.

Penguin 007 Covers

The first 007 novels I read, though, and the ones I own, are the older Penguin covers.  Not awesome for reading in public, but they’re certainly eye-catching.  From Russia with Love is my favorite of the bunch, and I blame it for giving me a thing for black chokers.

Old Penguin Covers 007 James Bond

Amazon’s new covers are alright, too.  I like the stark contrast of white, black, and red, but most of them are too plain for me.  Thunderball and Casino Royale are the sole exceptions.  The image of the submarine just works for me, and I like the poker chip feel of Casino Royale, although I would have preferred a less-cluttered roulette wheel.

Thunderball Amazon Cover

Casino Royale Amazon 007 Cover

Some of the movies had pretty nice posters, too, although two stand out especially for me: From Russia With Love and You Only Live Twice.  I confess, my reasons for liking You Only Live Twice are probably more ulterior, but From Russia With Love just has a very interested aesthetic.  It makes good use of its white space, and the war Bond is drawn is unique.  I do wish less space was devoted to gypsies, though, and more to Red Grant or the train, but I like it nonetheless.  Still, its book cover is, in my mind, superior.

From Russia With LoveYou Only Live Twice


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