What is the Space Station Solvychegodsk?

Author’s Note: I came up with this idea a while ago, and then wrote a short story that took place on such a setting, but I felt a bit unhappy that the details of the space station never really made it to the forefront, so I decided to write a second little piece describing the station and only the station.

The Space Station Solvychegodsk is a marvel of human ingenuity, not only in the sciences and engineering, but also in the field of humanity.  For aboard this station lives humanity’s revolutionaries, its rebels, its dreamers of coups and putsches and restorations.  Here, they are collected, and allowed to wait out the years or decades or centuries that it takes for their world to become a reality.

Is it not heart-breaking to think of how many human beings must live in misery because of an accident of fate?  The monarchist born into an era of republics, the democrat born into an autocratic empire, the machine supremacist born into an age of automatons?  And when these individuals seek to change their world by force, how much more misery is created?  Man does not surrender power easily.  Even the best-intentioned revolutionary, seeking to bring about a utopia, will find themselves unable to accomplish their goal without violence, death, and destruction.

And so the Space Station Solvychegodsk was created.  By traveling at a significant fraction of the speed of light, time aboard the space station is slowed down greatly.  For every month that passes aboard Solvychegodsk, an entire year passes on the inhabited planets.  A would-be-revolutionary can therefore simply wait until their desired government comes to pass, evolutionary and peacefully, and at that time, leave the station for their ideal state, without ever causing enough violence to wound a fly.

Planetary humans need no longer fear violent uprisings or bloody revolutions, for those who most desire to cause them have all been removed to a distant solar orbit.  Instead, they can live peacefully, secure in the knowledge that tomorrow will be significantly similar to today.

The fear of dying without seeing one’s dream come to pass has now been minimized.  Instead of only a hundred or so years of life, these lucky men and women can expect to live more than a millennium if need be, waiting for their personal utopia to appear.  Political evolution has now replaced the revolution as the primary agent of change in human society.

Thanks for reading!  If you enjoyed it, you can find more of my stories here!

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