Happy X-Day

Happy X-Day Everyone!  It’s March 1, 2015: the beginning of the alien invasion in XCOM: Enemy Unknown!

I thought I’d celebrate by sharing some of my favorite XCOM art.

Piero Macgowan has a bunch on his blog, but I’d like to share a few of my favorites, as well.  I absolutely love the alien battleship.  The mission where you land on an intact ship and battle over China is my favorite mission in the entire game.

XCOM Alien BattleshipI also really like this one of your squad.  You get surprisingly attached to your soldiers in this game.

XCOM SquadThis poster, by Margenal, is for the original X-COM game, but I think it’s incredible.  I love the simplicity and stark contrasts, along with its eerie feel.

XCOM UFO DefenseI think this one might be Piero Macgowan, too, but I can’t find a source.  It’s one of the wallpapers from Steam, though.

Xcom Forest Wallpaper

A touching memorial for Colonel Rose McLeod, by Rob Chandler.  Like I said, you get pretty attached to your soldiers.  I would love it if the game had memorials like this.  It would be the final punch to the gut after your mistakes get your soldiers killed.

XCOM Rose McLeod RIP

This one is from Steam, from a Holiday Sale.  Isn’t it just adorable?  Aww, Sectoids have never been so cute!  I would totally buy this if it existed.  I really wish there were more tangible XCOM goodies to buy.  The entire game has a very action figure and board game feel, and it’s a shame that I can’t have a MEC sitting on my desk, ready to railgun away any Thin Men that show up at work.

XCOM Snow Globe





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9 Responses to Happy X-Day

  1. Man I love this game!

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    • johnkutensky says:

      It is a pretty awesome game. I’m coming up on my last achievement and 200 hours right now. I really hope they make a sequel with a bit more customization. Long War looks too frustrating for me to want to get into it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • A bit more customization? For the look of the marines? I think Enemy Within did a fantastic job.


      • johnkutensky says:

        More in terms of weapons and such. Most things are just straight-up improvements. Only Assaults get much choice. The different stuff to carry helps, but I find that I don’t use a wide variety. It’s mostly SCOPEs and Chitin Plating for everyone once I can, with a medic carrying a medikit. Most of the other stuff, I just have no need for except in the early game, when grenades are worth the slot. I like the reaper rounds, but only ballistic-tier snipers ever get to use them.


      • While the weapons are indeed very limited, I feel like its the best possible selection. I mixed up the items if the marines were strong enough to not get murdered.

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      • johnkutensky says:

        That’s a pretty big “if,” Commander. 🙂


      • One of the DLCs, I can’t remember which allows your marines to have random stats. That was fun, awful snipers that required scopes, because they had 30% accuracy. Wow we must be one desperate shadowy organization.


      • johnkutensky says:

        Second Wave. I really love the Second Wave options. I wish more games had a bunch of little controls like that. I’ve got a bunch I usually play with. The random stats one is pretty nice, since you can just kick out the losers and keep the soldiers with actually good stats.


      • Yeah random is always fun. I liked the challenge of having lesser marines and no money to recruit others.

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