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Queen Sacrifice and Victory

What a game!  I just won a fierce game that hinged on a queen sacrifice.  I definitely must be improving.  I doubt I would have seen something like this before, nor attempting something so audacious!  I can’t want to analyze … Continue reading

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Alternative Apes

Sometimes I wonder what humanity would be like if we had split off from a different species.  How many of the problems that afflict us as a species are the result of our unique evolutionary heritage? Orangutans My personal favorite … Continue reading

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Well, I think my studies are paying off.  I just broke 1400 at, thanks to my highest rated win against someone rated 1496.  I admit, it was a bit bathetic, if that’s a word, to win by resignation on move … Continue reading

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Fenghua Zhong

I’ve come across his artwork before, but I didn’t learn that the creator was Fenghua Zhong until recently.  His first pieces that I saw were some amazing renditions of Son Wukong, the Monkey King from Journey to the West. The last … Continue reading

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Remember Them

Remember Them For millions upon millions of years, it drifted through space alone.  At a time when trilobites swarmed through the seas of earth, it had been cast out of its home solar system.  A wandering star had passed too … Continue reading

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My New Chess Set from China

I finally got around to unboxing my new chess pieces!  I was waiting to settle down in my new place before getting them all set up, since I don’t have the room to have it set up in my current apartment, … Continue reading

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Chess Openings

So far, I’ve been doing pretty well at my attempt to back into chess, I think.  I’ve been playing more games, and winning most of them (6/9), even against people with better ratings than me.  I just defeated someone with … Continue reading

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