Fenghua Zhong

I’ve come across his artwork before, but I didn’t learn that the creator was Fenghua Zhong until recently.  His first pieces that I saw were some amazing renditions of Son Wukong, the Monkey King from Journey to the West.

Son Wukong

Buddha Palm


The last one is my personal favorite.  I just love the contrast between the Monkey King and his opponent.  Even though he’s towering into the clouds, you still know who’s going to win this fight.  All of them, though, do an amazing job of depicting the sheer enormity of the various beings.

He’s capable of more whimsical pictures, though, as in the below two.

Floating Islands


Aren’t those goblins just adorable?  I’d love to see a fantasy novel illustrated by him.  And those floating islands are so majestic!  He doesn’t have a whole lot up at his website, but check him out.

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