Well, I think my studies are paying off.  I just broke 1400 at chess.com, thanks to my highest rated win against someone rated 1496.  I admit, it was a bit bathetic, if that’s a word, to win by resignation on move 18 when I didn’t even have any good checks, let alone checkmates, on the horizon, but he blundered away a rook and was already down a pawn, so I guess he felt it wasn’t worth going on.

I requested some new chess books via Interlibrary Loan, so I hope they arrive soon.  Both looks interesting, and if they seem useful, I’ll post about them here.  I can’t believe I’ve already gone up 250 points since I started!  I’ve definitely been making better use of the analysis board and openings.  I guess 1600 is my next goal!  Any tips?

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3 Responses to 1400!

  1. futuregrandmaster says:

    1400! nice! I broke 1300 at christmas last year, but after we moved I dropped a fair way, I’m only hovering above 1200 now. I’m 14, started playing chess when I was about 12 and a half. If you add me (manspider29) on chess.com i’ll give you a game some time maybe 🙂 (oh and a follow would be appreciated 😉 :P)


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