Queen Sacrifice and Victory

What a game!  I just won a fierce game that hinged on a queen sacrifice.  I definitely must be improving.  I doubt I would have seen something like this before, nor attempting something so audacious!  I can’t want to analyze it.  I was definitely in a tight spot.  If I had given him two spare moves without check or mate, he could have captured the pawn on h3 and then kept my king in endless checks and forced a draw.  Sorry I’ve been going on and on about chess lately, but new things I want to share keep coming up.  I promise this won’t entirely turn into a chess blog!

CheckmateElsewhere in life, things are going pretty well.  Yesterday in class, the professor singled me out for being the only student to come close to getting a particularly hard homework question correctly.  I was pretty surprised.  I hadn’t thought that problem was especially hard; there were others that were much worse for me on the homework.  But I guess it was.  Nice to know.  I’ll miss this professor after this semester.  This is my fourth class with her, and so far I have straight As.  I hope next semester isn’t too difficult.  This class has the longest prereq chain behind it, so I hope that means it’s the hardest, too.


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3 Responses to Queen Sacrifice and Victory

  1. BAP Blog says:

    Oh wow, very very nice my friend.


  2. BAP Blog says:

    Oh wow, very very nice my friend.


    • johnkutensky says:

      Thanks! Here’s hoping things continue! One of my chess guides arrived, so I’ll start going through that soon. I have a hard time doing the board in my head, though, so I think I need a companion board while reading, either virtual or physical.


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