Let’s Play Star Wars: Empire at War – Part 2

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Last time our primary focus was the Rebellion.  This time, we’ll be moving against the pirates.  Why pirates control so many planets isn’t really explained.  There are entirely neutral planets, which can just be easily taken over by the first person to land troops there, but I guess they wanted an actual neutral force to deal with, too.  It’s a shame they couldn’t have Minor Powers, like in Empire: Total War, to portray the individual planets, but without any diplomacy in the game, there’s not really much reason to, and it’d take a lot of resources to give each planet individual units, so I certainly understand why they just went with pirates everywhere.  Still, I would have liked independent planets with their own defenses…  Maybe if there’s a sequel someday.

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Our first mission this session is to attack the pirate base at Ilum as we search for the traitor.  Fortunately, Boba Fett is willing to help us, for a price.sweaw 2015-05-05 21-56-47-91

Once Boba Fett clears out the sentries, our main fleet can warp in to make short work of the pirates.  They’re a bit troublesome now, but once we can upgrade our fleet, they won’t be any problem at all.  For now, though, we have to be careful.  Fortunately, they’re no match for my fleet.  They lack any ships capable of standing up to my Acclamators, my big, triangular ships, and their fighters are fodder for my Tartan Cruisers.  Once we destroy their base, the pirate leader tries to escape, but, well, we have him outgunned and outmanned, and we take him alive.sweaw 2015-05-05 22-02-03-80 sweaw 2015-05-05 22-02-19-08

With that taken care of, Tarkin tells us that we need to take Geonosis.  We have more important matters, but the Emperor insists.  sweaw 2015-05-05 22-03-07-61Before we can reach Geonosis, though, we have to take control of the neighboring systems to secure Coruscant.  Our first target is Taris, controlled by the pirates.  Our fleet enters the system and begins the invasion by destroying their orbital asteroid base.
sweaw 2015-05-05 22-24-34-79 sweaw 2015-05-05 22-27-36-11

With the skies under Imperial control, we send in a ground force to conquer the planet.  Fortunately, Taris is pro-Imperial, so the local humans cooperate with us.  They don’t do much damage, but they make excellent scouts and distractionssweaw 2015-05-05 22-41-25-17

After that, we find that Endor is conveniently unoccupied, so Darth Vader lands to take official control of the planet.  Presumably he makes the Ewoks sign a binding treaty.  However he does it, Endor now belongs to the Empire.  But just as we pop the champagne, we get a warning from Coruscant!  A fleet of Rebel ships has entered Coruscant airspace, and the only defenders are a single Acclamator and a lone Tartan Cruiser!  I’m not sure we’ll be able to repel them, but even if the Rebels take control of the space around Coruscant, we can send our main fleet to restore order.sweaw 2015-05-05 22-45-09-35

The battle is tense.  The Rebels sent a huge force, but fortunately, it’s nearly all fighters.  They only sent three small frigates, so they can’t do much damage to the orbital satellite.  My ships just huddle around the satellite, shooting down as many fighters as possible.  My TIEs can’t do anything to X-Wings, and the Rebels have seemingly endless waves of fighters.  The shooting stars over Coruscant are bright enough to read by, as wreckage tumbles into the atmosphere and ignites.sweaw 2015-05-05 22-45-43-06Against the odds, we triumph over the Rebels’ sneak attack.  Turns out they sent almost 100 fighter wings against us.  That’s pretty much how the Rebellion plays, especially in the early game.  I need to build a lot more Tartan Patrol Cruisers if I want to take on the Rebels…
sweaw 2015-05-05 23-01-08-99

My next goals are to beef up Coruscant’s garrison to include a lot of Tartans, and to continue our expansion into the nearby sectors.  Bespin is within reach, and its gas facilities give it the greatest income of any unmodified planet of the game.  With its resources in Imperial hands, we’ll have the funds to seize control of Geonosis, and cement our rule over the galaxy.

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