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Death in Stories

It’s starting to become increasingly obvious that my stories and the ideas for stories that I most want to write tend to be very death-centric…  I swear, I’m not morbid or macabre in real life.  I only have…two artistic depictions … Continue reading

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I just found a really awesome translation dictionary called Glosbe.  My main interest in it is for English-Esperanto translation, but they have a lot of different languages to translate between.  When I especially like is that if you search for … Continue reading

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I recently found out about a game in development called Mesozoica that looks amazing. I’ve always been a fan of tycoon games, going back to Startopia, which is still one of my favorites.  What I wouldn’t do for a sequel… … Continue reading

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So it really bothered me that this post on Tumblr had a lot of interesting color words, but without any actual links or images, so I decided to add to it and include swatches for reference, and add some additional … Continue reading

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The Afterlife

The drums echoed through the night, their steady rhythm muffled, but not silenced, by the ancient woods.  The moon shone brilliantly, illuminating the small clearing.  The knife rose.  The knife fell, plunging through the cock’s ribs, into it heart, quickly … Continue reading

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Chess Piece Journeys

Steve Tung has taken data from over two million chess games to create visualizations of each pieces movement.  The results are really gorgeous!  It’s fascinating to see which moves and sequences are most common, although I confess nothing really leapt out … Continue reading

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Ĉielo aŭ Infero?

I’ve been working on my Esperanto at Duolingo lately, so I thought a useful project to help would be to translate my short stories into Esperanto.  It forces me to work on my vocabulary and grammar, and it’s always a … Continue reading

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