Mad Max: Fury Road

I finally got around to seeing Mad Max: Fury Road this weekend, and I absolutely loved it!  It’s probably the best film I’ve seen this year, and unless Spectre or Star Wars are absolutely amazing, I’m pretty sure it’ll keep that title.  I just wanted to talk a little bit about what I enjoyed best about the movie.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

1) The cars are awesome!  Just look at them!  I love that cobbled-together, Frankenstein’s monster sort of aesthetic.  I don’t necessarily want to see they look realistic, even though all the cars in the movie did work at least once, but they look, I guess I should say, rational?  They look like the sort of thing you might build for yourself if you were in a wasteland society that preyed upon the decaying corpse of the old world for resources.

Mad Max Peacemaker Mad Max Giga Horse Mad Max Doof Wagon Mad Max War Rig

2)  The movie wasn’t afraid to be quiet.  There are lots of stretches without dialogue.  The movie can tell its story without everyone saying everything.  The visuals are often enough.  No one needs to say, “Wow, Immortan Joe is an evil man,” because we see him harvesting blood and milk from humans, sealing up his “wives” in a vault, and telling the thirsty hoards of people that they shouldn’t become addicted to water, which only he can provide to them.  We see enough of Citadel society that we don’t need clunky verbal exposition to spell everything out for us.  I feel like not enough movies are brave enough to do that, for fear of losing some audience members.  Aside from angry swearing and his one long speech at one point, I’m not sure Max has more than ten lines.  It reminded me a bit of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, another movie that was deliberately quiet and which I also loved.

3)  The movie was gorgeous.  The colors were absolutely beautiful, with lots of contrasts, like you can see in the car posters above.  There were also a lot of long shots, which I personally appreciate.  Of course, I was a fan of Russian Ark, which was a single 99 minute shot, so I may be an outlier, but personally, I feel that modern movies change shots too frequently.  The movie’s used of sped-up film was a bit jarring and disorienting at times, but I believe that was the intention, so hey, it worked.

4)  Furiosa is a badass.  The wives are badass.  The Vuvalini are badass.  It was refreshing to see a movie filled with female badasses.  Even better, there was only the slightest and vaguest of romantic subplots.  I can’t even the last movie I saw that was comparable in this category.  It’s possible nothing I’ve seen previously compares.  I hope future movies can measure up, though.

So in conclusion, amazing movie, go see it.


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