Avoiding Soda

I’m currently on Day Four without soda.  Soda has always been one of my biggest weakpoints, healthwise.  It’s easy for me to avoid eating out, or to go to the gym a bit more often, or to replace deli sandwiches with fruit salads, but I’ve always had extreme difficulty eliminating soda from my diet.  It’s been especially bad the last year, because my office has a free soda fountain, so it’s sort of like trying to avoid porn when your internet browser has a tab permanently open to Redtube.

Anyways, my goal is to avoid drinking any soda at the workplace, and to drink as little as I can at home.  The only outlet I’m leaving free is when I eat out, because I’m not into water or alcohol much, so my choices are a lot more limited, and if I’m spending the money, I want to enjoy myself, anyway.  So we’ll see how that goes.  I am going out for dinner tomorrow, so it’ll be my first soda of the week then, but hopefully after that I’m clean again for a while.

I’m hoping to cut down on my sugar intake, and also eat more healthily in general, and ideally, lose about ten pounds or so.  I’ve been going to the gym more frequently, too, to try to help with that.  I also want more endurance and energy, more generally.  Hopefully this little project goes well.

Wish me luck!

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2 Responses to Avoiding Soda

  1. I gave up soda for 12 months. It was hard because I don’t drink any coffee/tea/energy drinks, so I was basically drinking it for energy. While I still drink it now, I definitely drink a lot less. Good luck!


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