XCOM 2 “Welcome to the Avenger” Gameplay

I can’t wait for XCOM 2!  The next three months are going to be far too long for my taste.  I absolutely loved XCOM, a squad- and turn-based strategy game that saw you fighting alien forces bent on invading earth.  In XCOM 2, they’ve succeeded, and now you’re playing as the guerrilla resistance trying to reclaim the planet.

I’m extremely excited about it for a variety of reasons, but the updated setting is really what I’m most looking forward to.  I’ve always wanted to play as a guerrilla force, and XCOM 2 looks like it’s going to provide a great experience.  They recently came out with a new gameplay trailer, and it’s gotten be so hyped for the game.  I’ll post my thoughts below.

1:06 Doctor Tygan looks pretty cool, but I admit, I’m going to miss Doctor Vahlen no matter what.  A lot of players found her annoying for always criticizing your use of explosives, but because of her interrogation methods, I had pretty much head-canoned her as a science-driven sociopath with a fetish for jamming electrodes into alien brains.

1:52 Tygan used to work for Advent (the human collaborationist government).  Hopefully that means we can eventually get others to change sides.  I would love special NPCs to provide unique bonuses after you meet certain conditions to get them.

3:22 Lily Shen appears!  Is it me, or does she sound like Violet Parr from the Incredibles?  Her voice reminds me of someone…  I’m not usually a big fan of Wunderkinder, but she seems tolerable.

5:00 From what I’ve heard, these experimental projects give you a random result at the end, which sounds pretty awesome.  It makes sense that you tell your engineers to dick around and they find something random.

5:48 You can pick soldiers’ classes!  I’m torn on this.  On the one hand, I do think that having your soldiers pick their own classes made them feel more real, and it made you really value the ones who picked good ones.  On the other hand, no more 65 aim squaddies deciding to play sniper because all the cool kids are doing it.  You’re not my White Death sniper and you never will be, you blind fool!

6:22 Gremlin looks adorable and useful.  I can’t wait to bring them into battle.

6:50 So many customization options!  I don’t often mess around with my soldiers; I prefer to let RNGesus take the wheel and decide who my soldiers will be, (I think it creates a better story.  Also, anyone I customize seems to die faster.) but a lot of these look tempting, especially minor touches like “attitude.”  I especially like all the color and weapon options, which are things I do enjoy customizing.

8:55 I like the new regions.  Having random countries in XCOM always felt a bit weird.  Why can’t I protect Poland if I feel like it?  These hints of building up the Resistance are just amazing.  It looks like it’ll really feel like you’re coordinating a bunch of cells.

10:50 This is what really excites me.  I love the idea that your actions impact the greater game.  If you stop ADVENT from investing in their armor, your enemies stay weaker in the battlefield.  I was really hoping for something like this, for a system that made you feel important.  It reminds me a little bit of Majora’s Mask, in a way.  If you sit and do nothing, the rest of the world doesn’t wait for you.  It’s not just a predetermined path.  You can take actions to change what happens, and if you don’t, something worse happens.

11:30 Nooo!  We just met the Avenger!

Overall, it looks great!  I wish it were November already!


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