Red Grapefruits

Dragon FruitSometimes I really want to like something, but I just can’t.  Dragon fruit is a good example of this.  Its name is awesome.  Its appearance is awesome, both inside and out.  I want it to be my favorite fruit so badly.  But its flavor is just blandly melony to me.  It’s not really appealing.  It’s certainly not bad, just mediocre.  I was surprised, because a while ago, Snapple had these elemental drinks, and the Fire one was supposed to be dragon fruit, and I loved that one.  They were definitely adding other flavors to it.

Star Ruby GrapefruitOn the other hand, sometimes I get lucky, and I end up loving something that I want to like for other reasons anyway, and that, my friends, is the red grapefruit.  They’re delicious and beautiful.  I can eat them for breakfast or drink their juice all day.  And they have the coolest history!  The original ones came about as the result of a natural mutation, but the flesh didn’t retain its red color.

Back in the ’20s, Lewis Stadler had discovered that bombarding barley seeds with radiation produced a lot of mutations.  Most were worthless, but if you get enough mutations, some end up being useful.  It basically sped up the natural process of mutation, and the process has had a lot of beneficial results, producing better rice, barley, and grapefruits.  Radiation has produced new cultivars of red grapefruit, which now account for 75% of all grapefruit grown in Texas.

I just find that so amazing, that radiation can be used for such beneficial results.  I get why they don’t really go about broadcasting these fruits’ atomic origins, but it’s a cool thing to find out about them.

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7 Responses to Red Grapefruits

  1. The second fruit is delicious when made fruit soup, hmmmm … maknyussss …


  2. charles says:

    Have you tried ngo’ (rambutan)? Looks cool and tastes great, as long as you manage to get the fruit part without the seed covering.


    • johnkutensky says:

      I’ve tried rambutan, but wasn’t very impressed. Another fruit I really wanted to enjoy, because orangutans are fans! I prefer lychee, though. I might like rambutan if it were already prepped for me, but I think it falls into the same category as crab for me: not good enough to be worth the effort.

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      • charles says:

        I find lychee too bitter.
        I agree about the prep.
        In Thailand you can get a big bag of em cheap, and a knife, and go to town. If someone else were expertly peeling and removing the seeds, I’d probably eat so much I’d get sick!


  3. kaushik55 says:

    There’s a variety of grapefruit that grows in India. It is called bablimaas. It is sweet, but also has a touch of bitterness. Sounds contradictory, but its true!


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