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Orangutan Photos from the Fort Worth Zoo

I recently visited the Fort Worth Zoo with my friend, and they had my favorite animals there: orangutans!  As before when I visited San Diego, I wanted to share some of my photos with you!  Unfortunately, they didn’t have any flanged … Continue reading

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Well, it took a lot longer than it did to get to 1500, but I finally broke 1600!  I can’t believe it only took two months to go up 400 points, and then I spent the next five months in … Continue reading

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My Samus Figurine Arrived!

My Samus figurine finally arrived!  I very rarely buy myself things like this, but I love Metroid, I love Samus, and I’ve been wanting this figurine for so long that I figured there was no possibility of buyer’s remorse, so … Continue reading

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The Skull

The Skull Many years ago, while traveling towards a village whose name I can no longer remember, a young merchant found himself trapped in a sudden thunderstorm.  As the tempest roared and howled and boomed around him, he saw the … Continue reading

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39 Ancient board games from around the world

Reddit user tacomcnacho made an absolutely amazing album on imgur of 39 ancient and little-known board games from the ancient world, along with how to play them, if he could find the instructions.  You can find the album here.  The … Continue reading

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Metroid Prime Trilogy

I got Metroid Prime Trilogy a while ago, but I haven’t actually played it until recently.  I had Metroid Prime back when it first came out, but the other two games will be entirely new to me.  Metroid Prime was … Continue reading

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