Metroid Prime Trilogy

I got Metroid Prime Trilogy a while ago, but I haven’t actually played it until recently.  I had Metroid Prime back when it first came out, but the other two games will be entirely new to me.  Metroid Prime was my first real introduction to Samus.  Before then, I only knew her from Super Smash Bros, which didn’t really tell me much about her, but since Metroid Prime, she’s become one of my favorite video game characters.

FlaahgraI’m uncertain why I first got Metroid Prime.  Knowing me then, it was probably because Nintendo Power made it look especially interesting.  If so, it was accurate.  Metroid Prime is an absolutely amazing game, and even replaying through it is absolutely delightful.  I just got the wave beam after a few days of progress.  The environments are beautiful, the enemies have interesting design (especially Flaahgra), and you really get a sense of exploring an alien world.  Some of that is lessened when you’re playing it the second time, but I still distinctly remember my first visit to Tallon IV, encountering new aliens and environments.

You’re utterly alone on the planet.  Any potential allies are long dead, while you’re surrounded by wild beasts and inhuman monsters.  It’s just you against the world.  I think that’s what I really like most about Samus Aran, that feeling of exploring an alien world alone.


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3 Responses to Metroid Prime Trilogy

  1. tpcsufian says:

    I completely agree with you. Samus is badass. And she’s unique cus she’s the only protagonist in the majority of her games. The soundtrack and ominous feel of navigating an alien world completely alone. I haven’t played Corruption yet though. Just one and Echoes. She is quite the mystery. 🙂

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