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12 Days of Christmas: Boston Pops Style

It’s after Thanksgiving, so I can officially start listening to Christmas music!  And the Boston Pops have finally put their favorite song of mine onto Youtube! I’m not normally one for the 12 Days of Christmas.  It’s a tedious song, … Continue reading

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Cranberry Orange Compote

Originally posted on John Kutensky:
This is a nice little easy side dish to make for Thanksgiving to replace canned cranberry sauce.  This compote has only a few ingredients, takes a few minutes to make, and tastes great.  I make…

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  This year, I’m thankful for my wonderful friends, my rewarding job, and how lucky I’ve been in my life.  Have a great day!

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Pardoning Turkeys

I’ve always found the practice of pardoning turkeys to be really bizarre.  We don’t pardon any other animals.  Why do we pardon individuals of this one specific animal species that we eat out of dozens?  And it’s even stranger that … Continue reading

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Roger Williams and the “Refused to Learn the Local Language” Meme

Originally posted on John Kutensky:
? To start, this is the meme I’ll be discussing. The point of the meme is obvious.  It’s intended to mock the conservative dislike of undocumented immigrants entering the country and receiving benefits by pointing…

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Esperanto Colors

I came across this on Reddit the other day.  It’s an Esperanto color guide.  You use the settings to choose a color, and it gives you the Esperanto name.  Pretty helpful if you’re trying to find the right word for … Continue reading

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Atesti la Estonto

It’s been a while since I’ve practiced my Esperanto, and since I had a new piece of microfiction to translate, I thought it would be a good and simple bit of practice to translate it into Esperanto.  I’m still learning, … Continue reading

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