Witness the Future

This was originally planned as a longer story, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked it better as short as possible.  I could probably cut it down to a single, if run-on, sentence if I had to, but I decided to limit myself to 100 words instead.  Enjoy!

The time-traveler wandered across the scorched and desolate earth.  She had come from the past to witness the future, if one existed, of her unstable world.  Her radio coughed static.  She had turned off her Geiger counter hours ago, its constant cacophony a depressing distraction as she searched for signs of civilization.  She found only plagues of grotesque, black wasps, preying upon malformed bugs and worms.

She sighed.  Was this her world’s future, a barren wasteland?  Suddenly, something in the night sky caught her eye.  She took out her telescope and peered into the stars.  She smiled.

Mars was blue.


Thanks for reading!  If you enjoyed it, you can find more of my stories here!


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5 Responses to Witness the Future

  1. kaushik55 says:

    I have come to expect a surprise twist in your tales. True to form, this one did not disappoint either! If O.Henry wanted to write science fiction, he might have done something of this sort!

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  2. Consider submitting this or something like it to ScrutinyJournal.com. We like it!


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