Penis Size Histogram

It occurred to me that I never did a histogram for penis size in my last few posts on the matter, and I thought it might be an interesting complement to my earlier post about the distribution of penis sizes.

As always, the data comes from a Dutch study conducted by WPS in Amsterdam.

Penis Size Histogram

The above graph shows the percentage of the sample, 1,783 measured in Amsterdam, but from various countries around the world, whose penises measured that specific length to the nearest tenth of an inch.

One thing that surprised me is that it’s not as normal as I expected.  Compared to a regular bell curve, it appears to drop off much faster, but some of that may just be from bin size.

Other than that, there aren’t many surprises.  Most penises (approximately 80%) are between five and seven inches.  A few are much smaller, a few are much bigger.  Still, though, I like histograms, and I think it’s neat to see it mapped out like that.

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