Official XCOM 2 “Retaliation” Trailer

We got a new trailer for XCOM 2!  It’s so hard waiting.  The original release date was November, but it’s been pushed back to February 5th.  Still, I trust Firaxis.  They made an amazing XCOM, and I really think XCOM 2 will be even better with the extra polish.  It looks great already!

Just like for the “Welcome to the Avenger” trailer, I wanted to just post some of my thoughts as I watched the trailer.

0:06  The trailer starts off with a bang, but I’m just happy that the Thin Men are still around!  I was worried they had all been turned into Vipers.  I especially like the creepy look we get at 0:08.  Thin Men were always my favorite alien in XCOM.  Deadly, professional, and relatively stoic, being the only aliens to not freak out the second their interrogation starts.  Even late game, their uncanny accuracy and Spring-Heeled Jack-level jumping ability kept them a threat.

0:17  Looks like a proper dystopia!  I was getting some serious XCOM 2 vibes from the latest Hunger Games movie, especially with the wanted posters in the capital, a feature that XCOM 2 will have.  You’ll be able to see wanted posters that display your soldiers’ actual faces.  It sounds like an awesome little touch.  It does seem like a high soldier:civilian ratio, though.  I mean, there’s what, two civilians there?  It looks like the world’s most militarized ghost town.

0:30  The Commander.  The Commander’s our greatest weapon.  I’m calling it.

0:51  It looks like that twitchy guy on the far left is going to be the unofficial mascot of XCOM 2.  He first showed up in a character creation screen demo and since then I’ve kept seeing him.

1:04  I wonder whether I can just make all of my soldiers flamethrower troops…

1:09  The Archon still looks a bit strange, but I think the style is growing on me.

1:29  I dunno, the aliens look pretty on the level.  I think we can trust them.  I mean, I always expected us to discover the aliens big, dark secret, but I don’t know, I guess I hope that the game’s plot is deeper than that.  I really hope there’s some grey to the story.

1:38  Can we have imprisoned aliens break free?!  That was my biggest fear in my first XCOM playthrough.  I was kind of disappointed when it never happened; it seems like such a wasted opportunity.

1:42  This looks like there might be stealth missions where you’re not even trying to engage the enemy, just set up bombs or sabotage.  If so, that would be interesting.  I hope it’s still fun, because honestly, I don’t play XCOM to not obliterate aliens.  I can see this being the EXALT relay hack mission of XCOM 2.

2:08  Love the logo.  I love skulls, I love aliens, I love this.

I’ve already pre-ordered.  Admittedly, my last pre-order ended up being mediocre, but I trust Firaxis, as I said.  Everything about this game looks amazing so far.  If only February were closer…

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