The Last Message Received

I came across a new Tumblr today that I really enjoy.  The Last Message Received collects the last messages people receive from people, either because their relationship ended or because the person died.  Maybe it’s a bit macabre, but I always enjoy people’s last words, and I think going through this helps me appreciate the people I have in my life a bit more.  You never know when someone will exit your life.  I always try to end my conversations with loved ones by letting them know that I love them.  I don’t want any regrets.

It’s also interesting reading the messages that people end friendships and relationships on.  I’ve certainly had a few of those before.  Sometimes you don’t even realize it until much later.  I wish it were easier to go back and see what some of the last messages I exchanged with friends who just faded away were.

It’d probably be easier to find last messages from people I deliberately decided to stop talking to, but most of them just end up getting deleted.  I don’t really attach enough importance to them to keep them and get rid of them before nostalgia and curiosity makes me wonder what they were.  Maybe I’ll save any future ones I have.  I’d certainly try to hold onto any last messages from the deceased.

Remember to let the people you love know how important they are to you while you have the chance.

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4 Responses to The Last Message Received

  1. Yayo says:

    Thank you for sharing. Riveting.

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