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The World’s Wisest Man

The World’s Wisest Man Long ago, a wandering monk came across a small, sleepy village, sitting in the shadow of a large and imposing mountain.  He entered the quiet town, and went to the tavern, hoping to find someone to … Continue reading

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The Grave of St. Oran

I just found out that Jim Batt is planning to make a short animation about Saint Odhran, my favorite saint!  The description of the animation sounds pretty cool. The Grave Of Saint Oran is a short stopmotion animation based on … Continue reading

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XCOM 2 Thoughts

I’ve been swimming in an endless ocean of XCOM 2 lately, but I finally decided to come up for some air and write down my thoughts.  When I first installed it, the frame rate was awful, even with the graphics … Continue reading

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Happy Darwin Day and Memento Evolvere

Happy Darwin Day!  I feel since it’s the Year of the Monkey, this year’s Darwin Day is especially important, don’t you?  Out of all of the Chinese zodiacs, they are out closest relatives, after all. (Speaking of, how cool is … Continue reading

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