Condottieri in Europa Universalis IV

Oh man, I’m wicked excited!  Paradox is implementing my dream mechanic in Europa Universalis IV!  I’ve always wanted to be able to play as a Hesse-Kasel-type state in strategy games, hiring out my soldiers as mercenaries to enrich my nation’s coffers.  It just seems like such a simple mechanic that opens up so many options, so I’m really excited that a game I own, as of like, five days ago, is introducing it.  It’s a shame I need to get the new DLC, though.  I guess I’ll wait for a sale.

As for EU4 itself, I’m loving it so far!  Like I said, I only got it recently, but I think I’m finally hitting my stride.  My first few campaigns I stagnated early.  My next few, I did well for the first few decades before getting greedy, starting a war that I couldn’t handle, and getting my state dismembered by multiple attackers.

But I’m playing as Brandenburg this time, and going it a lot more cautiously.  I’m only making alliances with big, strong neighbors to avoid getting dragged into wars on behalf of Hans and his six friends who somehow managed to take over a province and now pretend that they’re a real country.  Of course, Poland and Bohemia probably feel that way about me, considering how many times I’ve dragged them to the Baltic so I could snag a province or two from my rivals, but that’s their problem.  I’m also paying a lot more attention to things like war exhaustion and unrest in my provinces, taking more time between wars for my country to recover.

Right now, though, I started a war against the Teutonic Knights a bit prematurely.  In my defense, I had a casus belli against them anyway, and they were already at war with Poland and Lithuania, so rather than risk Poland taking Danzig, I started up my own war and occupied some of their lands that were being left undefended.  The war’s still in progress, but it’s looking pretty good so far.

After this, though, I’m not taking my armies out for a while.  I’m still digesting Mecklenburg’s provinces, but Danzig’s trade powers just call to me…  Plus, how can I ignore such a historical goal of Berlin?  Even if I shouldn’t want it for another few centuries…  Does make me feel kind of dickish to be screwing over the Teutonic Knights, whose lands I would have inherited in the real timeline.  Oh well.  Hopefully I can grab my new provinces and recuperate soon.  I just got the ability to manufacture cannon, so that will be a nice little addition, too.

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