An Oddity in My Search Terms

I have no idea why, but just from looking at the search terms that bring people to this blog, an oddly high number of people find their way here looking for information on Arab penises.  It could simply be that this is a fairly rare term, and since I happened to use it in my posts about penis size, they just find their way here because there aren’t any other options, but it still seems disproportionate to me.

Out of 146 known views whose search terms contain the string “penis,” 28 of those, almost a fifth, involve some derivation of the term “Arab,” including the mystifying “arabic foods penis length.”  What they were going for, I can’t even guess.

All other search terms involving some sort of specifying demographic, and I’m generously including terms like “blonde size penis” and “penis size of john” here, add up to 11 combined, 5 of which are looking for information about Indians, specifically.

I’d be interesting in finding out why that specific demographic is so searched for.  Any ideas?

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2 Responses to An Oddity in My Search Terms

  1. Ripberger says:

    WordPress says my blog was found using “Unknown Search Terms” which is confusing. How did they find me then? I have no idea.


    • johnkutensky says:

      Yeah, most of mine are unknown, too. But there’s a few I get to see, and I usually find them interesting. I have no idea what makes them unknown versus revealed. Is everyone in incognito mode or something?

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