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Sostratos of Aegina Notes

When I was first reading Herodotus, buried in Book 4, I came across a passage that wouldn’t have stood out if not for its footnote.  The section, 4.152, reads: But after they had been away for longer than the agreed … Continue reading

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Sostratos of Aegina

O Sostratos of Aegina, who were you?  You, whose profit was so renowned that no explanation was necessary, and that no one else’s could be even compared, are now a hapax legomenon, mentioned once and forgotten.  What did you trade?  Where … Continue reading

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Phoenix Point

I knew that Julian Gollop, one of the creators of the original X-COM, had been working on a new turn-based strategy game, but this article from Rock Paper Shotgun is the first I’ve really heard any details about it, and … Continue reading

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