Phoenix Point

I knew that Julian Gollop, one of the creators of the original X-COM, had been working on a new turn-based strategy game, but this article from Rock Paper Shotgun is the first I’ve really heard any details about it, and it looks amazing!  Everything I love about XCOM: Enemy Unknown, with a bunch of other stuff I’ve wanted to see in games for a while.

The creature designs look awesome and appropriately eldritch.  I hope that the visuals match their abilities.  That is, that you can look at an enemy and see things like claws and growths that will give some hint of what they can do.  I mean, really, I’m hoping to just see something new and bizarre growing out of an enemy and fearing what new ability it has.  That fear of the unknown was something I loved about XCOM: Enemy Unknown.  I went in pretty much blind.  I had never played any X-COM game before and bought EU on a whim after loving the demo.  I was spoiled by XCOM 2 news, so I didn’t get that in the sequel, since I already knew what an alien was and did the first time I met them.

I’m hoping it keeps XCOM: EU’s movement system instead of X-COM’s action points, but I guess we’ll see.  It was something that I think kept me from getting into Xenonauts.

The idea of survivor politics and squabbling sounds really appealing, too.  Personally, I wish it were in XCOM 2.  It would have given me more a feeling of being a guerrilla force.  I feel that a big weakness was in the strategic level, where you made contact just by hanging out for a few days, and after that, the entire region supported you 100%, provided you stopped aliens from murdering them all every so often.  I’d much rather be forced to juggle factions.  In theory, at least.  I guess we’ll see how I feel when my neighbors are hoarding bullets as crab monsters eat my friends and family.

I’m also looking forward to monsters that adapt to you.  I’m hoping that they also adapt to other survivors.  My favorite strategy in Galactic Civilizations II was to focus research on whatever weapon system no one else was using, trading common weapon technology to encourage its hegemony, so that when my ships went on the attack, everyone was using armor instead of energy shields.  It would be fun to let the other survivors convince the monsters that bullets are the worst threat and then show up with flamethrowers.

The website is pretty bare, but I think this looks like it’ll be an incredible game.  I’m looking forward to it!

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