Sostratos of Aegina

O Sostratos of Aegina, who were you?  You, whose profit was so renowned that no explanation was necessary, and that no one else’s could be even compared, are now a hapax legomenon, mentioned once and forgotten.  What did you trade?  Where you did you go?  To what far off lands did you travel, that you were able to best the Samians who were blown into the Atlantic to Tartessos?  Is that your anchor at Gravisca?  Are those your amphorae scattered throughout Etruria?  Or did you leave behind no such evidence?

Will we ever know you, or are you destined to remain unknown aside from a name, a homeland, a father, and a deed, you, who were once so famous, who were once a byword for gain?  Will you ever emerge from the gloomy lacunae of history?  Or will we forever wonder?

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