Metroid Fanart

Happy 30th Birthday, Samus Aran!

John Kutensky

I just downloaded the Metroid Prime Trilogy, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite Metroid fanart from around the web.  Click on the images to go to the source.

This first image is by Alvin Lee, for whom I unfortunately couldn’t find a website.  She’s a bit poutier than I’d like, but I think she has a pretty serious, grim look to her that I like in my Samus art.  I personally dislike cutesy Samus.  There are times for it, like when she’s relaxing after a mission, but she’s a warrior, not a model.

Samus by Alvin Lee

Another good warrior image.  She looks like she just got out of a fight.

Warrior by SpaceCoyote

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