Happy International Orangutan Day!

Happy International Orangutan Day!

John Kutensky

Happy International Orangutan Day!  As is probably obvious, orangutans are my favorite animal, so I’m glad that they get their own day.

I’m not entirely certain why I’m so drawn to orangutans.  I think part of it is because, out of all the non-human great apes, I see more of myself in them than in any other.  I think of them as intelligent and introverted (especially the adult males).  They’re patient and good at problem-solving.  They’re usually the hardest animal to keep enclosed at a zoo, with their strength, dexterity, and intelligence being enough to break out of all but the best-designed enclosures.

They’re just such marvelous beings.  I really hope that humanity can preserve them for the future.  It would be such a loss if this species went extinct.

IMG_0705Satu the Orangutan Eating at the San Diego ZooSatu the Orangutan at the San Diego Zoo 2Satu the Orangutan at the San Diego Zoo 3

Here are some resources for learning more about and helping orangutans.

Reflections of Eden, by Birute Galdikas, is…

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