Majora’s Mask Asks

I came across a Majora’s Mask-themed questionnaire on Tumblr, and since it’s one of my favorite games, I thought I’d go through and answer the questions.

Deku Mask Who is a historical monarch you find interesting?
Agathocles, Tyrant of Syracuse, is definitely one of my favorites.  He was born the son of a potter and became hegemon of most of Sicily after warring with Carthage.  He even left Syracuse with an army to Carthage while Carthage was besieging Syracuse itself, later inspiring Scipio to attack Carthage directly, as well.

Goron Mask Do you have a favorite gemstone?
Not especially.  Tanzanite is pretty, but I like them all.  The gems area of natural science museums is usually one of my favorites.

Zora Mask What’s your favorite piece of music?
, by Holst.  It’s the most beautiful piece.

Fierce Deity’s Mask What’s your greatest strength?
Intelligence.  It probably doesn’t show much here, though…

Great Fairy’s Mask Do you believe in the supernatural?
Nope.  I used to be really into paranormal and supernatural stuff, especially in middle and high school, but I’m pretty materialist now.  I don’t believe there’s anything out there unexplainable by science.

Kafei’s Mask What’s a mystery you find interesting?
The city of Liqian is pretty cool, even if there’s nothing to do it, which all the evidence seems to indicate.  Basically, there’s a Chinese city where the inhabitants look unusually Caucasian, an ancient Chinese reference to a “fish-scale formation,” and the fact that it was briefly named as Jie-lu, which means “prisoners taken in storming a city.”  The hypothesis is that Romans were taken captive at the Battle of Carrhae and ended up being taken to the other end of the Parthian Empire, and from there ended up in China.  It’d be awesome if true.

Bremen Mask Who’s someone you strive to emulate?
My nerdiest possible answer for this is probably Samus Aran, main character of the Metroid series.  Even though she’s fictional, I still admire her drive and determination.  Pretty much whenever I go to the gym, I try to use her for motivation and inspiration, mostly because I hate the gym so, so much.  I wouldn’t mind being as determined and hard-working as her, though.

Kamaro’s Mask What’s your hidden talent?
Writing.  I really enjoy it, but I rarely share it with people I personally know.  I guess I’m a bit embarrassed.  But they usually enjoy it when I share it.

Blast Mask What do you wish you could get rid of?
Right now, Trump supporters.  These polls are starting to scare me…

Bunny Hood What’s a goal of yours?
Get a better job!  Wish me luck!

Keaton Mask What’s your favorite field of study?
History, for sure.  Even most of my leisure reading is history.

Postman’s Hat What’s your dream job?
Librarian.  I used to work at a library, and I would have stayed there forever if they paid anything comparable to what I could make elsewhere.  I just love being surrounded by books.

Mask of Truth Confess a secret.
Hm, I don’t really have any good ones.  I guess I’m boring.  People would be surprised to learn I write, I guess.

Mask of Scents What’s your favorite food?
Not a surprise to anyone who knows me, but cheeseburgers.  I’ve got a list of all the best burger restaurants around that I’m slowly making my way through.  So far Liberty Burger is, by far, the best.  They just have great toppings.  The South of the Burger’s my favorite, with beans, avocado, pico de gallo, &c.

Don Gero’s Mask What’s your favorite animal?
Orangutans.  Especially the big, flanged males.  They’re such intelligent creatures.  It’s really a tragedy what we’re doing to their habitats.

Romani’s Mask What’s your favorite beverage?
I know it’s bad for me, but Coca Cola.  Can’t get enough of it.  But I figure, it’s my only addiction, so it’s not that bad.  Second to Coca Cola is milk.

Garo’s Mask What’s something about yourself that you usually keep hidden?
Going off the secret one, I don’t usually tell my real life friends that I write.  I’d like to, though.

Captain’s Hat What do you think happens when you die?
Kind of goes with the supernatural question, but I think you get buried/cremated/whatever.  I don’t think there’s anything after death.

Stone Mask What would you do if you could become invisible?
If we’re doing non-pervert answers only, I’d probably go visit Nintendo to spy on their developers and find out about upcoming games.  I don’t think I’m much of a topic of conversation when I’m not around, but if I knew I were, I’d probably listen in on that, too.

Circus Leader’s Mask Who’s a family member you especially appreciate?
My mom.  She’s such a strong individual, and she worked really hard to ensure I had a good home, life, and education.  I can’t thank her enough.

All-Night Mask What’s the last great book you read?
Lucian’s Charon.  Not a whole book, but it was in the second volume of Lucian’s works of the Loeb Classical Library collection, so I guess that volume is my answer.  I knew nothing about Lucian until a friend posted an anecdote about Hume reading him before he died, and it encouraged me to give him a try.  I really love him so far.

Gibdo Mask What’s something you’re afraid of?
Hm, usually really baroque stuff.  Nothing like car crashes or death or anything.  Dying suckily is a fear of mine, though.  I don’t fear death, but man, a lot of stuff can happen getting there, you know?

Couple’s Mask What’s the most romantic thing someone’s done for you?
This Valentine’s Day gift from my partner was really romantic.  Godiva truffles and a wonderful card.  I really loved it.  It’s the little things, you know?

Giant’s Mask What’s an obstacle you’d like to overcome?
I feel I’m too passive.  I’d really like to get more comfortable with being aggressive.

Majora’s Mask What would you do with unlimited power?
I’d try to make everyone’s lives better.  Provide them with basic needs, strike down those who seek to oppress them, and let people be humans, without needing to struggle to survive.  Let them write and act and philosophize and invent without wondering where their daily bread comes from.

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