Fan-Made Short Films About Games

Lately I’ve seen two really good fan-made short films about games, and I wanted to share them.  The first is Terrible Fate, about Majora’s Mask.  I really like it.  Gorgeous models.  Amazing music.  And Majora’s Mask is suitably creepy.  The only thing I don’t really like is that I feel Skull Kid is a little too innocent, and that’s a criticism I saw elsewhere, too.  It was a deliberate decision by Ember Lab to show him as a victim of Majora’s evil, too.  But in my head, Skull Kid was mischievous before he got the mask, and the biggest change that happened once he got the mask was that now he had unlimited power to dick around with people.  Minor critique, though.  I still love the film, and I do like the focus on Skull Kid’s time with the fairies.

The second one is Metroid: The Sky Calls.  It feels a little bit rougher than Terrible Fate, but that could just be because this one uses live action, too.  I like the actress who plays Samus, but I don’t know, she just doesn’t fit my own idea of what she looks like.  I love the music, though, and the suit design is pretty cool and unique.  The story line is probably the weakest part to me.  I’ll discuss it under the video to avoid spoilers.

It just seems weird to me that the Chozo would have such a small window for her to arrive there.  Also, why are planets orbiting the same star in opposite directions like that?  Shouldn’t they all have formed from the same protoplanetary disk?  Or are half of the planets captured objects?

Also, seems kind of dickish to just shuttle Samus to parts unknown without warning her.  What if she had been in the middle of a mission, and now there’s no one to stop the Space Pirates?  Hell, isn’t she supposed to the Hunter?  Is this a new system that the Chozo really messed up, and now they need her there?  I guess it could work with more follow up, but honestly, I’d have preferred a message or something like that.  It kept me from enjoying the film as much as I would have otherwise.

What are your thoughts?  Any other recommendations?


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