Weird Search Terms 2016

It’s always interesting to see the various search terms that bring people to my blog.  Most are pretty comprehensible.  I get why someone searching for “radio yerevan jokes” finds their way here, for instance.  But sometimes there are bizarre ones, and I don’t know why they were searching for them or why they found my blog when they did so.  Inspired by -S, I’ve decided to share some of the more…interesting search terms of 2016.  And to avoid prolixity, I’m just going to skip all but the most unusual penis related search terms.

  1. “chances of women finding 8.5 inch penis”  I’m keeping this one just because I like the way they phrased it.  Like, they don’t want to know the probability of someone having an 8.5 inch penis.  They want to know the odds of actually finding one in the wild.  How likely am I to find such a majestic penile specimen?  How hard must I work, how far must I travel, how many dicks must I examine before I can find one?
  2. “why would a woman fuck a knife”  I, uh, don’t know?  Why would she?  I hope they found a satisfying answer.
  3. “ancient warriors hot wife’s fucking all spartan”  I have no idea what they were even going for here.  It looks like they’re curious about an ancient warrior’s hot wife who fucked everyone in Sparta, but I’m not confident in my interpretation.  Any ideas?
  4. “how to make someone act like spartan women”  This one is actually interesting, even though I’m not sure what the actual goal is.  Do they intend to train someone to act like a Spartan woman?  I’m definitely pro-athletics and such, but I feel like the open marriage nature of Sparta and emphasis on childbirth as a woman’s primary purpose would, combined, turn off most people.  I guess there’s some small subsection of the population who’s up for it, though.
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1 Response to Weird Search Terms 2016

  1. -S says:

    Thanks for the shout out!

    Certainly some very specific search terms there! As I woman, I can honestly not provide any kind of answer to #2 (sorry random internet searcher!). I think your interpretation of #3 is pretty solid!


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