Recent Cooking Results

I’ve been cooking a bit lately, and taking more photos than usual to satisfy the food porn cravings of a friend, so I thought I’d share some pictures of what I’ve been making.

First up is blinis with salmon, sour cream, and dill.  I actually went to a cooking class and these were one of the things on the menu and they were absolutely delicious, so I’ve made it a few times since at home.

Chicken with purple cauliflower.  I just love the deep purple the cauliflower turns when it bakes.  I got some manchego and roasted garlic seasoning from Urban Accents and it’s absolutely delicious in all vegetables, but I mostly use it for cauliflower, since I think it tastes boring on its own.  Purple cauliflower tastes a lot like regular cauliflower, but it has some extra vitamins, so that’s nice.  And obviously, it looks much cooler.

Cuban sandwich!  Recipe for this one here.  Not much else to add.  I love Cubans.

Cheeseburgers with guacamole.  Ever since getting the South of the Burger from Liberty Burger, avocado’s been my favorite burger topping.  Healthy and delicious, and it’s supposed to help my HDL, so, you know, win-win.

A really delicious baked pasta dish with chicken and a Bechamel sauce.  The chicken for this recipe was so good that I’ve started cooking all my regular chicken breasts this way, just with salt, pepper, and garlic powder, and a little oil.  This is definitely the best thing I’ve cooked recently.  It was a little difficult, but I think that’s because I was rushing it a little, rather than going more slowly and just doing various parts more in advance.  I’m definitely going to make this again sometime.

Za’atar Man’ouche.  I used to get this at home from the Lebanese bakery a lot, but I never tried making it until recently.  It’s really easy, especially since the store just has za’atar spice mix premade, so it’s just making a simple dough, covering it with herbs, and baking it.

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