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The Biographer of Demons

The Biographer of Demons The publisher set down the half-read manuscript on his desk.  “Incredible,” he murmured to himself.  As expected of Zhongsun!  “That man is going to make me rich!” He heard the sound of distant screams.  He turned … Continue reading

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Corruption in City-Builders, or Why I’m Never a Dictator in Tropico

Tropico 6 is coming out later this year, and lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the series.  It’s one of my favorites, in which you play as a Caribbean dictator, ruling your island as you see fit.  My biggest … Continue reading

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Wattpad & Canva

I started posting my stories to Wattpad.  I’ve only just begun, but it’s a nice process so far.  I especially like that they recommended Canva as a source to make book covers, and so far it’s a really intuitive tool … Continue reading

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Recent Cooking Results

I’ve been cooking a bit lately, and taking more photos than usual to satisfy the food porn cravings of a friend, so I thought I’d share some pictures of what I’ve been making. First up is blinis with salmon, sour … Continue reading

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“Sir! Sir! There’s a problem with the zoological research drones at GXH-927J! They’re malfunctioning!” “927J…” his boss mumbled, his flaps buzzing. “I wasn’t aware we had any active drones in that system.” “We’re not supposed to, that’s the problem! The … Continue reading

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Esperanto on Duolingo

Originally posted on John Kutensky:
Duolingo has finally added an Esperanto class!  Now’s the perfect time to start learning the international language of Esperanto!  Created by Dr Zamenhof, Esperanto was designed to be regular, easy to learn, and to serve…

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Slaves Instead of Heirs

Slaves Instead of Heirs In the fields, machines harvest crops.  Machines bring the crops to homes.  And when they rot, uneaten, machines bring the refuse to compost piles, to create fertilizer for the next round of crops.  Machine doctors wait … Continue reading

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