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I know I’ve been quiet lately.  I recently got a new job, so I’ve been settling into that.  Better commute, better pay, better boss.  It’s great so far, and I think it’ll only get better!  I’m wicked excited for it! … Continue reading

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Weird Search Terms 2016

It’s always interesting to see the various search terms that bring people to my blog.  Most are pretty comprehensible.  I get why someone searching for “radio yerevan jokes” finds their way here, for instance.  But sometimes there are bizarre ones, … Continue reading

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Ides of March Morbidity

During the holiday season, I got to thinking about nativities, and what other holidays could possible have that sort of decoration, with all the little statuettes assembled to form a scene.  My favorite pieces of artwork tend to be tangible … Continue reading

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Nuclear Gift Ideas

Originally posted on John Kutensky:
I’ve had an interest in nuclear war and bombs for a while now (purely theoretical, of course), and with Christmas coming up, I thought it might be useful to collect some of the more interesting…

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Fan-Made Short Films About Games

Lately I’ve seen two really good fan-made short films about games, and I wanted to share them.  The first is Terrible Fate, about Majora’s Mask.  I really like it.  Gorgeous models.  Amazing music.  And Majora’s Mask is suitably creepy.  The only … Continue reading

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Love Insurance

Love Insurance A somber figure entered the room.  The salesman sat down at the desk, opposite a distracted-looking man and an eager young woman.  He jogged the papers in his hand and looked over them at the couple before him.  … Continue reading

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Katanagatari Ending Narration

I was looking for a transcript of the ending narration of one of my favorite anime, Katanagatari, and couldn’t find it.  So I went and did it myself.  Enjoy!  Spoilers below, I guess, so don’t read unless you’ve watched or … Continue reading

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