Below, you’ll find links to my stories and a brief description of each.  Enjoy!

The Biographer of Demons – A publisher and an author get visited by three demons.

Ghostfishing – Research drones are still active, and abducting the local species.

Slaves Instead of Heirs – Mankind built robots to serve them, but now the servants have no masters.

Love Insurance – A couple applies for love insurance.

Dia de Muertos – A son tries to get out of attending Dia de Muertos.

Sostratos of Aegina – More of an ode to Sostratos, the greatest trader of ancient Greece, than a story, but I thought it belonged here.

The World’s Wisest Man – A wandering monk visits the world’s wisest man.
Now has an audio version here, thanks to the Saturday Storytellers.

Witness the Future – A time-traveler from the past travels to her world’s future.
Atesti la Estonto – An Esperanto translation of Witness the Future.  Tempvojaĝanto el la estinteco vojaĝas al la estonto de ŝia mondo.

The Skull – A young merchant comes across a skull in a cave.

I’m Glad I’m Here With You – A couple goes to the beach to watch the end.

The Afterlife – A priest consults his god about the afterlife.

The Dead Hand – A missileer teaches a doomsday device the game of chess.

Remember Them – A dying civilization sends out a last message into the universe.

I Used to Have a Lot of Friends – The travails of a pious man.

Coming of Age – A boy enters adulthood and becomes a man.

Space Station Solvychegodsk – Would-be-revolutionaries meet aboard the space station Solvechegodsk.
What is the Space Station Solvychegodsk – A short piece describing the space station in more detail.

Heaven or Hell? – Is she destined for heaven or hell?  Is she among the elect or the damned?
Ĉielo aŭ Infero? – An Esperanto translation of Heaven or Hell?  Ĉu ŝi inter la elektituloj, aŭ estis ŝi damnita?

Operation Burning Skull – A story based on the video game XCOM: Enemy Unknown.  Strike One investigates a UFO crash and encounters its extraterrestrial occupants.

Vox – A man decides to stop the voice in his head.

The Apotheosis of Di Xin – Di Xin has gone to the afterlife and demands to be made into a god.

The Claiming of Man: A Fable – A short fable in which the beasts try to determine what sort of animal mankind is.

The Virtual Audience – A piece of flash fiction about a new invention, the virtual audience, that allows anyone to have whatever audience they dream of!

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