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Orangutan Photos from the Fort Worth Zoo

I recently visited the Fort Worth Zoo with my friend, and they had my favorite animals there: orangutans!  As before when I visited San Diego, I wanted to share some of my photos with you!  Unfortunately, they didn’t have any flanged … Continue reading

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Favorite Orangutan Photos

As I’ve made obvious many, many times before, orangutans are my favorite creatures.  I have quite a few favorite photos of orangutans, besides my own, so I thought I’d share them with you.  Enjoy! This one is probably my absolute favorite.  He … Continue reading

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Happy International Orangutan Day!

Happy International Orangutan Day!  As is probably obvious, orangutans are my favorite animal, so I’m glad that they get their own day. I’m not entirely certain why I’m so drawn to orangutans.  I think part of it is because, out … Continue reading

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Alternative Apes

Sometimes I wonder what humanity would be like if we had split off from a different species.  How many of the problems that afflict us as a species are the result of our unique evolutionary heritage? Orangutans My personal favorite … Continue reading

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The Ape Who Went to College

I just watched a very interesting documentary about Chantek, an orangutan who was taught sign language and raised under human conditions.  It would be amazing to meet him someday!  It’s a shame that no one’s tried to repeat his experiment. … Continue reading

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Philosophizing Ape

I came across another ape statue I like today.  I’ve already mentioned Affe Mit Schaedel, and this one is clearly based on it.  They’d probably make good bookends, actually. Anyways, the statue is this one, erroneously called Philosophizing Monkey, since … Continue reading

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Sandra the Orangutan

A court in Argentina has declared an orangutan a non-human person! I’m really happy to hear this.  I’ve thought for a while that there ought to exist some sort of “socius” status for creatures who don’t fit into human society … Continue reading

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