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Well, it took a lot longer than it did to get to 1500, but I finally broke 1600!  I can’t believe it only took two months to go up 400 points, and then I spent the next five months in … Continue reading

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39 Ancient board games from around the world

Reddit user tacomcnacho made an absolutely amazing album on imgur of 39 ancient and little-known board games from the ancient world, along with how to play them, if he could find the instructions.  You can find the album here.  The … Continue reading

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Chess Piece Journeys

Steve Tung has taken data from over two million chess games to create visualizations of each pieces movement.  The results are really gorgeous!  It’s fascinating to see which moves and sequences are most common, although I confess nothing really leapt out … Continue reading

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The Dead Hand

The Dead Hand It is difficult to keep the spectre of death at the front of one’s mind.  Eventually, a human being can adapt to anything.  Your first few weeks working at a nuclear launch facility, the dread of having … Continue reading

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1500 and Chess Update

Well, it’s been about two months since I first began my project of getting back into chess, and so far, things are going well.  My score has increased by about 400, form 1101 to 1502.  Out of the 23 standard … Continue reading

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The Orangutan Opening

I just came across the most interesting history behind a chess opening I’ve ever read.  From Game of Kings: A Year Among the Oddballs and Geniuses Who Make up America’s Top High School Chess Team: This name, the Orangutan, traces its … Continue reading

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Queen Sacrifice and Victory

What a game!  I just won a fierce game that hinged on a queen sacrifice.  I definitely must be improving.  I doubt I would have seen something like this before, nor attempting something so audacious!  I can’t want to analyze … Continue reading

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